Curriculum areas:
English – spoken language, storytelling, describing and explaining, discussion

The children have arrived early for a visit to Uncle’s Story Shop so they help him to get ready for a busy day. Using objects from the shelves, they create stories for different customers before joining in as Uncle tells a story just for them. As news arrives of Big Tower’s plan to redevelop this part of town, the children help Uncle prepare an argument as to why his shop is special and should not be demolished.


Uncle’s Story Shop has been created to allow space for children to make their own stories and to make meaning from a range of stories they encounter both verbal and physical. The programme models a range of exciting, creative and participatory story making strategies which we hope teachers in Years 1 & 2 will want to try out with their children.

We have been inspired during the devising of Uncle’s Story Shop by our experiences working with the drama practitioner and storyteller Peter Wynne Wilson and the clown and puppeteer Michael Crouch.

This programme will support children to:

  • Communicate with one another and the characters
  • Interpret and comment
  • Problem-solve
  • Engage in creative play
  • Interact socially



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