Key Themes: English, Literacy, cultural diversity

A Tale to TellAre you a spinner of stories, a teller of tales? If so Queen Scheherazade needs your help. For 1000 nights she has told tales and spun stories for King Shahriyar to save her life. Now she has forgotten the final and most impressive story and might lose her head unless the children can come to her rescue.

A Tale to Tell explores and celebrates the rich world of Arabic storytelling using a number of different stories from The Arabian Nights giving children a flavour of Arabic language, stories and culture. The stories explored range from the familiar Sinbad the Sailor, to a less well known version of the Cinderella story, called The Anklet.

A Tale to Tell provides an exciting visual and linguistic stimulus to support Key stage 2 English and Literacy work. The programme offers a dynamic context for story making as well as introducing children and teachers to exciting techniques for storytelling that can be used in the classroom.

A Tale to Tell makes strong links with the National Curriculum in English in the following ways:

Children will

  • adopt, create and sustain a range of roles
  • respond appropriately to others in role
  • create their own improvised storytelling for each other
  • develop their own narratives
  • explore how language is used in stories to convey mood, atmosphere and character
  • shape the story and make decisions from within the drama
  • use spoken language to develop their understanding through speculating, hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas

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