Bag of Beans

Key themes: Maths/numeracy, SMSC, Traditional Tales

Join Jack as he ventures up the beanstalk into the world of the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. By using their mathematical knowledge the children will be invited to investigate the world of the giant, and by undertaking challenging quests they will unlock his secrets in the hope of finding their way to his treasure. However, there are many different kinds of treasure and many different interpretations of a story. Was Jack justified in stealing from the giant and killing him after all?

This Key Stage 1 programme helps children to practice mathematical principles in practical applications and encourages the imaginative processes which are at the heart of solving many mathematical problems.

Through collective working the programme gives the children the opportunity to develop their speaking, listening skills as well as asking them to voice their own and challenge others opinions from within the drama.

Thanks to he_boden via Flickr for the banner image


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