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The Princess Bride. Director Rob Reiner  (1987)
This film is a celebration of storytelling and adventure that challenges typical storytelling conventions.

Shrek. Director Andrew Adamson (2001)
Shrek is a well known intertextual children’s film that you may have heard of!  It plays with the genres of storytelling and fairytales.

The B.F.G. Director Brian Cosgrove (1989)
The B.F.G is a classic children’s story about a big friendly giant and accepting difference; written by Roald Dahl and made in to an animated film. This film features many different kinds of giants from the the Bloodbottler and the Childchewer to the Bonecruncher and the Fleshlumpeater!

The Labyrinth. Director Jim Henson (1986)
This is a fabulous film in which a young girl must figure out puzzles in order to find her baby brother and save him from the goblin king (David Bowie). This film is full of imagination with puppetry, song and dance. For teachers it might be a bit nostalgic!

The Never Ending story. Director Wolfgang Peterson (1985)
A new take on storytelling featuring all sorts of magical creatures: A troubled young boy steps into a fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book.

The Crystal Maze. Director Weiner World Studio (2002)
The Crystal Maze is a popular television programme that has been around for decades where the contestants must solve many puzzles and problems.


Revolting Rhymes. Roald Dahl – Jonathan Cape ISBN-10: 9780224029322
Wonderfully horrid rhymes from Roald Dahl including his twisted version of Jack and the Beanstalk.

The Selfish Giant. Oscar Wilde – Longman ISBN-10: 0582456096
A classic tale of the giant who would not let the children play in his beautiful garden so his garden was punished with eternal winter until the children melt the giant’s heart.

The Book of Giant Stories. David L. Harrison – Boyds Mills Press ISBN-10: 1563979764
Mighty giants meet a down-to-earth. In each tale, the villains are overshadowed by good sense and practical wisdom.

Website Links

Link 1:

This is a link to the Story of Maillardet’s Automaton: A brief history of the automata toy and its inventor whose ideas are the foundation of the levers, pulleys and mathematical toys that you may see within this production.

Link 2:

This website includes descriptions of various kinetic mechanized toys and machines similar to those within our story and how they work. You may also want to follow the further links to videos of the toys in motion.


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