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Beanstalk blog

Using the instructions on the ‘Grow your own beanstalk’ page in this section why not try and grow your own in the classroom or at home. Below is an account of how we got on.

Day 1

Day 1, and our bean is in it’s jar and ready to go…










Day 5

It’s Day 5 already, and there’s still no sign of life in the jam jar.

We’re getting a bit worried, since our back-up beans have started to grow, but we’re keeping with it.







Day 7

Day 7, the bean has started to grow.








Day 8

Day 8, just 24 hours have passed and the bean has started to develop further.








Day 11

Day 11, we had to add a little water as the bean was left unattended over the weekend. This is what we came back to.








Day 12

Day 12, there appear to be no ill effects after the water shortage over the weekend. You can see while our bean hasn’t grown in height it has made lots of new roots. Of course this would normally happen underground.

The bean does not need soil at the moment. Where do you think it is getting its food from? Do you know/can you find out what it is called when plants are grown without soil?

The picture on the right shows the first measurement taken of the bean and its roots.





Day 13

Day 13, the roots are really starting to grow now.

Remember, you can click on all the images in this blog to view a larger version.







Day 14

Exciting developments today!

Our bean is reaching for the skies, and overnight a shoot and leaf have emerged. In just 24 hours a 4cm beanstalk has grown.

How are yours doing?


Stop press!

In less than 8 hours our beanstalk has grown another 1.5cm. Look at the new photo!

Day 15

Day 15, the bean is breaking free!

We had concerns that the leaf would not be able to push through the paper to reach the top of the jar but it managed to come through with no problems.







Day 18

Day 18, last week the bean seemed to be changing almost every hour so I was wondering what it would look like today as we had to leave it unattended over the weekend. As you can see, it has grown significantly.

Although we had added some more water before we left, almost none was left at the bottom of the jar today.

The leafs are really growing now.






Day 19

Day 19, at first glance I didn’t feel as if much had changed from yesterday, but having compared today’s picture with the previous one, I can see that a third leaf has started to develop and that the roots are really filling the bottom of the jar now.








Day 20

Day 20, some more water was needed this morning as it was nearly all gone. We have been adding roughly three centimetres of water or just enough so it is below the bean.

As you can see from the close up picture on the right, the height of the stalk has now out grown the ruler!







Day 21

Day 21, and it may soon be time to move the bean to a bigger jar as the roots are getting a bit squashed in the jam jar.

The height now exceeds the frame of the picture. The stalk at the base of the bean is now very strong and just under a centimetre in width.





Our bean really is too squashed in the jam jar now, so we’ve taken the decision to move it to bigger accommodation. We’ve got a small flowerpot, and taken the bean out of the jar very carefully. We’ve then put it in the pot with some soil in it, and given it lots of water. It’s now 65 cm high! How high are yours?






Day 22

Day 22, the bean has grown another few centimetres since yesterday. As the bank holiday weekend is approaching, we will add a little more water to make sure there is enough over the next few days.








Day 26

Day 26, after three days unattended, the height has once again exceeded the framing we set up for the pictures. The picture on the right shows the top of the stalk.

How tall are yours growing?







Day 27

Day 27, the bean has grown a further ten centimetres in the last 24 hours and some of the leaves in the middle of the stalk have grown larger.







Day 28

The leaves are still growing, and the bean has very nearly outgrown its windowsill home.

We think it might be nearly time to transplant it outside…







Day 29

Day 29, the bean is continuing to make its bid for freedom as it continues to grow.

How do yours differ? Do they have more leaves? Are they taller?







Day 30

The bean has finally outgrown our windowsill, and has had to move home…

We’ve just put it in a large pot outside, and will keep it watered. We’ll let you know how we get on.

Have you had to move yours yet?







Day 32

The bean has settled in to its new home well.

We’re keeping it watered, but otherwise it seems quite happy.








Day 34

The bean is growing well, and is slowly climbing up the drainpipe. Look at the photo on the right!









Day 36

The bean is still growing. We haven’t measured it, but perhaps we could estimate the height.

The doors you see in the background are about 2 metres high, and the step is about another 25 cm. That’s 225 cm.

We think it looks about two-thirds of the way up the doors. so, two-thirds of 225 is 150. So, we’re estimating the bean has now climbed 1metre 50 cm high.

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