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Grow your own beanstalk

You will need:

  • A glass jar/or clear plastic beaker
  • Some stiff paper or card
  • Beans (runner beans or broad beans are large, easy to see and easy to handle
  • Some water

What to do:

Roll the paper into a tube shape
Push one end of the tube into the jar
Push a bean down the inside of the jar but outside of the paper so that it stops about half way down
Pour a drop of water into the middle of the tube
Stand the jar on a window sill or in a similar place where it can get lots of light

Check on the progress of your bean at regular intervals. Don’t forget to keep topping up with water every few days

Take photographs regularly. You could send them to us – don’t forget to include something to show how big your bean is (maybe a ruler) and let us know how many days it has been growing. Or why not create a bean blog like us.

Try making a number of beans grow at the same time. Start them off together but give them slightly different conditions in which to grow.

Does the bean grow as well if:

  • You don’t add water to the jar?
  • You keep the jar out of the sun?
  • You cover the jar with a cereal box or similar?
  • You cover the jar with a cereal box with a small hole in the top?
  • You keep the jar in a fridge?

Why do you think that might be?

Can you encourage your bean to grow faster, or stop it growing so quickly?

Try charting your bean’s growth by recording the results on a graph or in a table. Measure the growth in centimetres and millimetres on a daily or weekly basis.

Can you identify when your bean grows most in its life (at the beginning or at the end?)

What is the biggest amount that your bean grows in one period?

Click here to look at our bean blog. If you send us a picture we can include it. Is your bean growing better than anyone else’s in the city?

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