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Build a Bean Maze

To build your own bean maze you will need:

  • A shoe box (or similar)
  • Paper cup
  • Compost or soil
  • Beans
  • Card
  • Masking tape or Sticky tape
  • Scissors

What to do:

  • Fill the cup with compost
  • Plant the bean in it
  • Remove the lid from the shoe box and stand it on its end
  • Place your bean in the cup inside the shoebox as if it were a cupboard
  • Cut a small hole in the top end of the shoe box

Stick a piece of card across the inside of the box about a quarter of the way up – It should be like a wall and almost reach across the width of the box, but not quite, leaving a gap at the other side.

Stick a similar piece of card on the other side about 2 quarters of the way up, again leaving a gap at the side – You DO NOT want the gaps to be in line.

Fix the lid back on the box by hinging it with tape along one side to make it similar to a cupboard door.

Put your planted bean in its box on a window sill or similar. Place it so that you can open the door to water your bean and check on its progress.

If you like you can add many more pieces of card coming from either sides of the shoebox to alter further how your beanstalk might grow.

– What sort of shape has your beanstalk grow into inside the box?

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