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Malcolm J
April 2nd, 2009

Donkey Work

One of the pleasures (there are many!) of working over the last five years on Language Alive! tours is the opportunity to return to schools and develop a working relationship with teachers and children. We are often greeted on the playground as we arrive by children, eager to know, “Are you going to work with us today?”, “You’re that man that did that thing”, “What are you doing today?”. Often children recall characters and stories from years before.

I was particularly delighted last week to go back to Lyndon Green Junior School. We had been before Christmas with Out of the Box, a programme that used contemporary movement to retell the stories of King Midas and Pandora’s Box. On that visit we’d been particularly struck by the commitment of some individuals in year 3 as they brought to life “all the evils in the world”. On this visit it was a great joy to be told by the staff how well the children were doing rehearsing their Easter play. We were able to peek into the hall to watch the children we had worked with last term perform with equal involvement a brilliant song and dance routine. And there was some compelling donkey acting to boot…

You can see what 3c thought of our November 10th visit by looking at their class blog.