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October 21st, 2010

Engaging schools

Deborah has been work with our colleagues over at Tide~ to look at learning outside of the classroom. 

She has been looking back on the work that they’ve been doing, and this has just been published on the Tide~ website. You can read her reflections here, along with articles from other members of the group.

Gavin M
October 15th, 2010

Say cheese

To me, The Play House has always been a very visual company and over the years there have been some photographs taken that have managed to encapsulate the thoughts, feeling and emotion of a programme with just one click of the shutter. This is why I get excited when I get asked to photograph a programme in school as I’m always looking to find that one image that conveys the mood of the programme. It’s extremely challenging, as moments can happen so fast, and I often find myself being so absorbed in the drama that I often forget that I’m their to do a job.

I have always been fascinated by how a moment of time can be captured by a camera. Although I did a photography module in college and understand how photography has been made possible through the years, a part of me still believes it is some form of ancient witchcraft. Stop and think about it the next time you are taking a picture; does it seem logical to be able to capture something your eyes can see (and then print it onto a t-shirt for your teddy or something equally as awful)? Anyway, I better get back to my blog before I get carried away with my rant. Don’t even get me started on why 35mm is still better than digital!

I am always very appreciative to the schools for letting us come in to document our programmes and helping with the distribution and chasing of the permission letters. Photographs and video recordings act as an extremely useful resource for when we come to retour a programme and help to capture those special moments when a young person says or does something inspiring.

You can view a selection of programme photographs which are featured on our Flickr site below.