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April 14th, 2011

A word from the trenches…

I have worked at Anderton Park School for a number of years and taught in different year groups. Language Alive! has always been a wonderful experience for the children. It is tailored to their needs and is age appropriate. So often other theatre-in-education is about performance only.

Language Alive! is effective because the children are involved and this leads to great follow up work. It is never about a one off performance.

Teachers have very different personalities and over the years there have been teachers who do not want to be involved in anything brought in from outside the school. In fact they never appear to emerge from their classrooms !!!!

However, Language Alive! is different. One year a previous Head Teacher was going to stop Language Alive! due to the cost. The teachers were very upset and every single teacher complained that it was a tremendous experience, and because of this he changed his mind.

Every time Language Alive! has been in school  teachers praise all aspects of the programme and how it has helped the children in their class. The children look forward to it, knowing that every year Language Alive! will come into school. These are remarks children have made about Language Alive! programmes.

” I thought I was really there”

” It made me think”

“I learnt without it being boring.”

” You understand stuff better”

Celia Reeves

Every Child Matters Manager/Teacher

Anderton Park Primary School.

No Kidding, photographed at Anderton Park Primary School