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April 17th, 2013

Full steam ahead

The All Aboard crew are back in the office after 5 weeks touring Gloucestershire and Worcestershire and a week of pleasant public performances! Not only has it been a journey for our characters on board the number 300 Great Britain, it has been quite a journey for us Teacher/actors! We have come a long way, (literally, all the way down the M5 most days!).

We have met some lovely people on our travels so far and have had fantastic feedback. I am looking forward to seeing how the programme is received in Birmingham compared to our former rural participants! Although it is going to be a long tour for us, I cannot imagine us getting bored of it due to the large amount of audience participation it involves. It is different every day. We come away from each performance with a list of great new moments and things that have made us giggle, (Malcolm in a dress will never get old!).

The public performances were very exciting. It was a manic week from performing in libraries and Arts centres to station platforms! Often freezing… but definitely worth it. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to share our work with the wider community. It was interesting to see how it was received by a family audience.

Now it is time for a little touching up of the set and mending costumes before we brave Birmingham like or character Violet! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is eating more strawberries! (Hopefully they will become sweeter as the ‘summer’ progresses)

Anyhow, Full steam ahead!!!
Kirsty McTighe