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Kimberley Allsopp
October 21st, 2014

On tour with Rainforest Symphony

I’ve been touring with Simon, playing the role of Hourani in Rainforest Symphony. We have completed 2 weeks of this tour, visiting several different schools around Birmingham, two libraries and day of public performances in The Door at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

It is wonderful to see children’s reactions as they find their school hall has been transformed into a rainforest, their shock at the rate in which the rainforest is destroyed and their passion as they convince Adam that Acapella the frog has to stay in the rainforest.

We’ve had wonderful feedback from teachers and parents, commenting on how the visual nature of the piece makes it accessible for all. I have enjoyed the tour so far and I’m looking forward to visiting more schools next week.

It is great fun working for The Play House, they create high quality, relevant work that children enjoy and teachers and adults learn different techniques to help their children learn about the world around them.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my time at The Play House and the lessons I will learn along the way.

Kimberley Allsopp

The schools tour of Rainforest Symphony is now fully sold-out but there are a handful of tickets still available for the public performances on Wednesday 29th October 2014. The performances are part of the Telford Family Arts Network event “Raining Cats and ………Frogs?!” and will be held at the Southwater Library in Telford.

For more information please contact Justine Ranson:

Tel: 01952 380985