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October 3rd, 2017

Anti-bullying programme


I’m Naomi and I’m the current intern at The Play House. I am spending this term working on a touring programme called No Kidding and some other projects with Juliet and after Christmas I start working on another programme with Malcolm.

No Kidding has been created to help improve the quality of children’s relationships with each other, exploring friendship, co-operation and bullying.

So far we have developed the pre-existing programme into an hour long performance which we presented to a family audience at the REP last weekend. It has been such a fun show to work on because it is so high energy and full of opportunities to try out new skills such as magic tricks and circus skills. As well as getting accustomed to being custard-pied in the face a lot!

It is interesting re-doing a programme because you want to take inspiration from past performances but at the same time make it your own. I struggled at the start to create my own unique character, but with a bit of time and rehearsal I have created my own ‘Billy’ and now I think she’s great!

We have a bit of a break before taking it out into the schools so we’ve been spending this time re-developing it into a version which is an hour and a half long and has the freedom to be a lot more participatory for the schools. I’m really excited to involve the children a lot more in Billy’s Magical Moments! We’ve also been working on the resources section for the website and I’ve enjoyed being able to use my video editing and sound recording skills to create some little videos which will go up on The Play House YouTube channel.

I’ve had a fab time so far at The Play House and am really looking forward to what the next few months brings. My favourite bit so far has been working directly with the children and watching them get so emotionally involved into the performance. One child even got up half way through the show to offer me a cushion, and I’ve received numerous hugs! Billy feels very loved right now!

No Kidding is touring schools this Autumn. Please contact us for bookings on: 0121 265 4425 or