A magic potion…

Juliet F

I’m working with 10 year 1 and 2 children at Raddlebarn and St Mary’s Primary Schools in Selly Oak at the moment as part of an extended schools project.

It’s the highlight of my week to be greeted by such enthusiasm from them to delve into a story together in an empty and silent school.  Even though some are well into year 2 they have such a desire to play but their ideas are so rich with imagery.  Their imaginations are allowing them to see so much more than is actually there in reality.

Inspiring examples of this from children so far include…

– A glass bottle contains “a magic potion that will instantly shrink the wolf if sprinkled on him.”

-“We could pick wild strawberries from the woods and then we can make jam together.”

– Describing shadows moving deep in the forest and explaining, “she can feel that she is being followed, it’s just a feeling but it might come true!”

When the children say these things, and you see the teaching assistant or teacher react, it makes it all worthwhile!

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