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Alex p
February 25th, 2011

The Play House…exactly what it says on the tin (except it’s not a house)

I’ve been at this awesome place for just over 4 months now and believe me, in that short amount of time, it feels like I’m the member of a family!

The people who work here or with us are just brill; it’s like someone has just rounded up a group of lovely people, branded them with the “PH” poker and involves you in everything that happens.

I came along 5 months ago and was given an interview for Apprentice Administrator; i thought “Ok, got my happy face on, let’s go for it!”. To my surprise I was interviewed by 3 staff members…wow…where is that cloning machine when you need it?

When we got talking, it didn’t feel any more than a friendly chat, it just felt comfortable and flowing. It’s a shame all interviews aren’t like this…with tea to boot! (I’ll talk more about this later).


Went to my first Play House meeting and my god was I baffled; everyone was talking about funding, plays and what people are doing. Even though I didn’t have a clue, I listened and learned a lot, and now I still have no idea! (I’m joking).

I work in the office all my time there but if there is a programme going out, I do get the humble chance of seeing them and it’s a fantastic opportunity.

The first play I saw was a programme called On The Edge, talking all about extremism, how to recognise it, query it and how to deal with it. It was great, the Teacher/Actors were in-depth and very believable and the energy that was given off and received for both the audience (children) and the actors was….well you need to be there to know what I mean. There were a lot of times in the play where I wanted to leap up and go “Oi! You shouldn’t be doing that, that is not nice!” (Yes I’m 20 years old but I’m a kid at heart). What surprised me the most was the fact that the children in year 5 knew words like extremism, terrorism, etc. At that age I was learning words like difficulty, octagon…so the education nowadays has far exceeded when I was a nipper and I’m thrilled to know that children are becoming more intelligent  and how fast they grow.

Another programme i saw was called Fit For A King. Phew! Talk about keeping in shape! It teached children all about food diets and how to stay active and healthy. The fact that the children were doing better jumping jacks then I was, made me realise how this programme was perfect for me!

Mr. Tea, Mr. Tea….Mr. Tea!
Believe me, the amount of time being here, my blood must actually be…tea! Whatever we do or wherever we go there will always be a cup of tea in our hands. It’s what keeps us going, what gives us our inspiration and development and also what keeps people making a funky beat with their sipping and gulping!

Tea is the very foundation of The Play House, without it we’re nothing but an empty mug. I must admit…I used to have 4 sugars in my tea (bad I know) and now I’m down to 1, so I’m proud of myself (the fact that they have weaned me down cause of my high energy and many toilet breaks might be the reason). Warning: Be ready to get addicted!

The staff here are….well shall I say varied? They come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. To be honest there is not one person I do not like, they’re all friendly and wacky in their own way and there is never a time when you feel left out. One of the unique points is that each one has a great knowledge of their role and they have had background experience before.

It’s just awesome to know they take their work to a high standard and that they genuinely enjoy what they do, and I feel proud to know I’m working alongside them as the “PH” team (we do fight crime during night-time), creating such out-of-this world works of art and promoting the growth of children for the future! That’s what I love about this place.

My first blog…maybe one day I’ll look back at this and say – “There’s what I wrote! Wow! Autographs anyone? Only if there is a cupper involved!”.