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John F
October 28th, 2009

New kid on the blog

As a tribute both to Gary Roskell’s powers of persuasion and to the determination of the new boy to impress, I am writing this ‘blog’. I am more than a little technophobic and pretty useless too when it comes to the natural, chatty, ‘personal’ style these things seem to require.

I have now been a core member at The Play House for half a term and I’m just starting to realise the profound consequences of my new employment. For example, I haven’t had a job which requires me to work in an office since I was a Law Clerk in the Crown Prosecution Service (and that’s so long ago that when I worked there you hand wrote the barrister’s briefs – not as intimate as it sounds- and sent them to a ‘typing pool’).

Now, obviously, The Play House is nothing like the CPS: you don’t leave the office to go to a place where individuals are to be condemned to years of incarceration in a Government Institution (unless your view of education is horribly cynical); but I am, nevertheless, once again, partly an office worker.

So, what’s changed? (apart from the loss of a typing pool). When I worked for the CPS I was late almost every day, (they gave me an alarm clock when I left after my 9 months there). Well, I am pleased to report that I am now an excellent timekeeper. My boss doesn’t show me pictures of gruesome crimes as a way of inspiring me to greater prosecuting ambition (although there is a picture of Malcolm made up as The Joker which took me back).

There isn’t a big board telling everybody where everybody else is supposed to be – oh actually there is – but I haven’t yet walked in and learned from it that I am supposed to be in Warwick Crown Court 2 prosecuting in the Queen vs Burglar Bill 10 miles away at that very moment. And until now, Deborah hasn’t had a call from a Head Teacher asking why the new teacher/actor is wearing brown shoes and a tie with a square end and when he proposes to start dressing appropriately (or if she has she’s kept it quiet). In fact, thinking about it, there are loads of differences, not the least of which is that The Play House has an office I look forward to going to.