A couple of years ago we asked primary schools we regularly work with about their interest in a tour “looking at issues around sex and relationships for Key Stage 2”, and 57% of schools were quite or very interested. We’re currently looking again at developing this sort of project (funding permitting…) to go in next year’s offer to schools.

So this week’s discussions on sex and relationship education have been quite timely for us. The plans by Ed Balls to remove the opt out for parents for children over 15 has, predictably, had mixed press. The BBC reported broadly positive feedback, whilst the Daily Mail focussed on fines for parents and religious leaders saying parents would ‘vote with their feet’.

Of particular interest to us, in the light of us planning a Key Stage 2 project, is the report from the BBC that a third of those polled said the right should end at age 11, and 20% said there should be no opt out at all.

It’s clear that the schools we work with do have an interest in this sort of work. There will, of course, never be a consensus…

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