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Our current tour of No Kidding has been receiving some fantastic feedback and our intern Lily wanted to share her experience so far working on the programme:

Well! Bally and Billy have been doing Fun Time now for a good few weeks and they are learning such a lot each day. They are fast becoming the very best friends that ever was, all thanks to the beautifully thoughtful suggestions from children in Years 1 and 2 from primary schools in Birmingham. Since speaking to the children, Bally now realises that Billy is her ‘BFF’ (Best Friend Forever) and for it to stay that way, Bally must ‘pinky-promise’ to be ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ to Billy and NOT put cake in his face or poke him in the eye.

Amongst some wonderfully caring suggestions, the boys and girls have told Bally that being nice and kind means ‘sharing toys’ and buying Billy a ‘talking yo-yo’, ‘biscuits’, ‘a new computer’,’a new guitar’,’a new hat’,’an XBOX 360′ and whatever else he wants for his birthday. Bally went with the new hat… which luckily, Billy loved! Oh, and Bally must always ‘remember her manners’ when talking to Billy and has been advised that she must ‘collaborate’ and ‘persevere’ with her relationship with Billy. Once she googled this, she was very grateful for the suggestion (and very impressed by the intelligent Year 2)! Oh and another thing – if Bally ever, EVER feels angry again, she must sit away from Billy and count to 10 and take 3 deep breaths. However, if she is really, REALLY angry she must count to 20 or even ‘a million sqwillion’ if she thinks she might shout. Following this, she must go to the shop and ‘buy lots of ice-cream’ and share it with Billy before going to the park to play ‘Tig and Tag’, ‘Stuck in the mud’ and ‘Transformers hide and seek’.

Bally and Billy are so grateful for all the help that children in Years 1 and 2 have given them. The gentle and delicate thoughts and ideas that the children have offered in hope to re-establish Bally and Billy’s friendship have been truly heart-warming… and worked! Bally and Billy continue to make more and more friends along the way, (and my juggling is coming on a treat!).

I wonder how many more friends Bally and Billy will make tomorrow…!


No Kidding explores friendship, co-operation and bullying through the eyes of a pair of ‘overgrown children’, Bally and Billy. The programme is current touring schools and has been a popular choice for support around Anti-Bullying. For more information please call 0121 265 4425 or visit

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