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January 7th, 2019

Hello 2019!

We’re back! We’ve put down the half-eaten boxes of chocolates, tidied away the tinsel and put on our brand-new Christmas socks and made it back to work today.

After a quick catch up between the team about our Christmas break, our focus soon turns to what is coming up in this new term… and we’re all very excited about it!

This term we’re really covering all bases. We’ve got programmes covering Science, English, PSHE, British Values and more. There is bound to be something for your class.

Have a look at our Spring programmes below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want more information or want to book!

Spring 2019 Theatre in Education Programme by The Play House, Birmingham

Early Years

Things That Go Bump
A programme that supports the Early Years Framework in:
Communication and Language | Personal | Social and Emotional Development | Understanding the World.

A multi-sensory programme exploring children’s fears, developing self-confidence and encouraging working together through an imaginary bedtime story.


Key Stage 1

Uncle’s Story Shop
Covering key aspects of the curriculum such as:
Spoken language | Storytelling | Describing & Explaining

Our popular storytelling programme encourages children to choose from a strange collection of objects, respond to music and draw pictures as inspiration for the creation of new stories and consider their value in the modern world.


Key Stage 2

A programme covering aspects of Science, History and English:
Earth and Space | Forces | English | History

An interactive science drama where children go back in time to investigate Galileo’s astronomical experiments and observations of the planets. The children then defend him and his theories at the court of the inquisition.


Key Stage 3

Commissioned by the Home Office, this programme is specifically designed for Prevent.

A dynamic participatory theatre-in-education tour for 13-18 year olds which explores the implications and consequences of extremist thinking and action. Tapestry provides a unique stimulus for young people, teachers and youth leaders to begin to explore this sensitive and complex issue in a supportive environment.