The voices of the Home Children


“…we are sorry that the voices of these children were not always heard, their cries for help not always heeded. And we are sorry that it has taken so long for this important day to come and for the full and unconditional apology that is justly deserved.”

Gordon Brown has followed his Australian counterpart and issued an apology for the ‘deportation of innocents’, child migrants sent from this country to countries such as Canada and Australia as late as 1967.

The Home Children is our theatre-in-education project currently touring schools that tells the story. The issue is particularly resonant to Birmingham as many of the children sent overseas came from the Middlemore homes in Birmingham, one of which (long since closed) still stands just off the Middleway. With the help of Birmingham Archive we used letters, newspaper articles, original records, testimonials, workshops and interviews to shape this participatory performance.

At the end of their experience the children create their own podcasts about The Home Children. These modern-day children’s voices can be heard, and can be found on our website set up to accompany the project:

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