Bottling It Up

Alcohol awareness theatre-in-education


“I’m 18 I’m old enough to drink if I want to. Nothing wrong with it is there? I’ve got a job, what else am I going to spend my money on ‘cept for booze?”.

So says Sean, a character from The Play House’s theatre-in-education programme Bottling It Up who, at 18 years old, already has a long association with drinking.

Featuring a dynamic and physical style of performance the programme has been specifically devised with a rural context in mind and has previously toured to Herefordshire secondary schools.

The story revolves around the emerging relationships between three young people: Sean, Emma and the new girl in school, Kate and explores the impact of their underage and excessive drinking. What starts off as a familiar story of friendship culminates in a highly charged scene in which Kate is hospitalised, leaving Sean and Emma facing charges of dangerous and drink-driving.

Using interactive learning strategies, the pupils cross examine the characters to explore the choices that were made and how they contributed to the accident. Participants also use physical theatre techniques to respond to the issues raised and to share their thoughts and ideas amongst their peer group.

Using participatory strategies Bottling It Up allows students to:

  • Explore attitudes within the binge drinking culture
  • Examine what motivates young people to drink,
  • Consider the risks encountered when under the influence of alcohol
  • Explore the consequences of drinking to excess.

Bottling It Up was devised specifically for Herefordshire. It would be appropriate for other rural locations, but would need some re-devising for urban situations.



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