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Buried History  is an exciting participatory drama for children in Years 3 and 4 that uses story telling theatre to bring to life Anglo Saxon history and the human experiences behind the mystery of the Staffordshire Hoard. Discovered by chance in a Staffordshire field, the hoard is the largest cache of Anglo Saxon gold and silver ever found. The largest part of the Hoard is on permanent display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Buried History invites the children to speculate about how and why it came to be buried and who it belonged to. The programme does not offer a solution to the mystery, but opens up possibilities to fire the children’s imaginations.

In addition to the drama, digital specialists C&T have created an accessible and dynamic classroom resource using Prospero, C&T’s online arts facilitation tool. In Prospero, teachers and children can extend the investigation inspired by the drama, through six, interactive, half-hour digital lessons. In these learning sequences, children will meet and interact with characters who will facilitate their further investigation of this archaeological whodunit.

In the drama the children travel back in time to the 7th Century, when the powerful Kingdom of Mercia was engaged in battles over territory between Christians and Pagans. It is during this volatile time that it is believed that the Staffordshire Hoard was buried. The children, in role as goldsmiths, will learn how the gold artefacts were made, enact the battles of the time, experience the tensions of cultural change and meet characters who may hold the key to the mystery.

Buried History provides teachers with a dynamic visual and linguistic stimulus to support their teaching of History, Literacy and SMSC. We hope teachers will find exciting opportunities for developing their own active teaching, offering specific transferable skills and techniques that can be used in the classroom.



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