By the Riverbank

Nursery & Reception

EYFS Framework – communication and language, PSE, literacy, understanding the world, expressive arts

By the Riverbank is an interactive introduction to the natural world and adventure stories, inspired by the world of The Wind in the Willows.

Portly, the baby otter is missing from home and Ranger Ruby Ratcliffe needs to search the riverbank and find her before nightfall. If only she had help? The ranger asks the children to join her on a journey along the riverbank and down-stream by boat to see if they can find Portly together.

In this multi-sensory drama, the children search for clues and discover a secret world full of animals, adventures and stories.

“Pitch, pace, resources, language, communication were all spot on. It helped all children to be a part of the story. Fantastic session.” Reception teacher, Green Meadow Primary



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