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Class activities

Into the wild wood

Choose a volunteer from the group to walk into the wild wood.

The remainder of the group should divide in half and stand on either sides of the room creating a corridor for the volunteer to walk through.

One side of the room will represent the nice things you may find in a wild wood and the other half will represent possible scary things you may find in the wild wood.

The way in which everyone will represent these things will be through sounds and shapes with the body. For example someone may turn into a scary tree with the sound of the whistling wind or, someone may transform into a bird and tweet.

Once everyone has decided what they are going to do; the volunteer will walk down the ‘corridor’ and experience walking into the wild wood. The volunteer may want to close their eyes.

Character image

Were there any parts of the story you wanted to know more about? Maybe what Molly did when she got into her home? Did Molly and Ratcliffe ever meet up again?

Have a think about what you would have liked to know or see, then, in your group; show that as a still image*.

* Still image. This is the creation of a still or frozen image using a group of people who freeze in a pose to capture a particular moment, idea or theme, as in a photograph or painting.

Pack your bags!

Molly prepared for her adventure by packing a sandwich and a drink into her bag. If you were to go on an adventure like Molly, what would you need to take? What would you like to take?

Write a postcard

Click on the image below to access a downloadable postcard template,  write a short message from Molly to her friend telling them about her adventure. Maybe draw a picture on the other side? Imagine what Molly’s friend’s address could be and address the postcard too.

Questions for discussion

Do you think it was the right decision for Molly to go on her adventure alone? Have you ever been lost? How did you feel? What can you do to avoid getting lost again? What could Molly do next time to make sure she is as safe as possible?

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