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Make a field guide

Make a field guide to the animals of the river bank and wild wood.

Ask the children to find pictures of English woodland animals print them off or cut them out. Collect some facts about each animal. Stick or staple them together to make a booklet. Here are some to get you started:


Moles live under ground in tunnels they dig with their short strong paws.
The soil they push up to the surface makes little piles called mole hills.
They are carnivores they eat worms, slugs and insects.
They have short black fur and small eyes, they can’t see very well but have very good hearing and can feel they way with sensitive whiskers around their little pink noses.

Water voles:

Similar but smaller and more round than a rat, (about the size of a hamster), with a shorter tail.
They live in the holes in the banks of rivers and canals they like slow moving water and marshes.
They are good swimmers and might be seen jumping from the bank or eating plants on the bank they are herbivores.
They are very shy and only 20cms long so quite hard to see.


Also live underground in holes called Setts that they dig on the edges of fields or in woods
Badgers are about a metre long (about the size of a medium sized dog) with short strong legs.
They are omnivorous eating worms, mice frogs, snails and fruit like apples and blackberries.
Badgers are nocturnal so come out at night to look for food.
They have grey fur with white faces and two black stripes.


Toads are amphibious like frogs but spend more time on land than in the water.
They have a brown lumpy skin and crawl rather than hop.
Toads lay their spawn in water like frogs but their eggs are in a long string of jelly rather than a clump.
They look for worms, ants and beetles at night and eat lots.
Toads hibernate through winter sleeping in holes and under stones.

What can you find out about?

Weasels/stoats                         Heron
Hedgehogs   Trout
Rabbits   Stickleback
Deer   Bats
Mice   Owls
Foxes   Rats
Otters   Kingfisher



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