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Maps and Rivers

Maps and rivers

Go to Google maps search for the name of a place on a river (e.g. Bewdley on the Severn) zoom in so that you can see the river clearly. Scroll around to follow the river and select particular features to talk about (there is a wonderful bend in the river near Gloucester). By clicking the tab on the top right corner you can select map or satellite view or open photos of particular locations. How is the river different at Portishead to Newtown?

River walk

Arrange to go for a walk in a wood or along a river bank with your class, Canon Hill Park has some wooded areas that feel quite remote and the River Rea has a good surfaced path for a long way along the cycle route. Moseley Bog was an inspiration for Tolkien it has good woods and the River Cole; guided walks can be arranged through the education team at Sarehole Mill. (There are actual stepping stones and a ford).


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