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The children are interrupted in their classroom by Ranger Ratcliffe as he looks for Portly, an otter that likes to have adventures.

Together they set off to search and encounter a river in the school hall. Despite close inspection of the foliage on the bank and finding several interesting things Portly is nowhere to be seen. The children and Ratcliffe cross to the far bank by way of stepping stones to continue their search. They discover a box filled with strange objects and a sign pointing to boats for hire. The children take a break while Ratcliffe arranges a boat so they can journey along the river.


Ratcliffe and the children board the boat and the emergency equipment is examined. The journey along the river presents a variety of hazards as well as opportunities to relax and enjoy the wildlife and natural environment. As they approach the wild wood Ratcliffe enlists the children’s help to transform themselves into fearsome monsters to scare off anything that might think of attacking them.

As the children arrive safely through the wood, at last Portly is found. The children give Portly advice about further adventures say goodbye. Ratcliffe thanks the children for their help and returns Portly home.



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