An inspiration to us all?

There are many people through out history and fiction that have taken violent action to try and make lives better. They are seen by some as freedom fighters and by others as terrorists. What is the difference?

If you were to draw a line with terrorist at one end and freedom fighter at the other, where would you place some one like Guy Fawkes, who was part of The Gunpowder Plot? There are some others listed below to start you off. Find out what you can about them and try to decide where they should go on the line.

All these people are from history. Is there anyone alive today you could add to the line?

fist02 Boudicca

Boudicca became queen of the Iceni when her husband died in approximately AD60. The Romans, who were ruling Britain at the time, tried to claim their lands for themselves so Boudicca led an army against them. The army destroyed the town we now call Colchester and defeated a Roman Legion and went on to burn London and St Albans to the ground. Boudicca was defeated in a battle on Watling Street in the West Midlands but her actions prompted the emperor Nero to consider withdrawing Roman troops from Britain.

fist02 Joan of Arc

Joan was a French peasant girl who claimed to hear voices from God that told her to drive the invading English from her homeland. She led the French troops during the siege of Orleans in 1429. Disobeying the orders of commanders she gathered ordinary soldiers and attacked and captured castles that were held by the English. She re-established a stable monarchy in France before she was captured and put on trial for heresy and burned at the stake in 1431.

Here are some more people you could discuss:

1. Nelson Mandela (a member of ANC, an organisation that advocated bombing)
2. Osama Bin Laden (leader of Al Qaida, seen to be behind 9/11)
3. Guy Fawkes (attempted to blow up parliament and assassinate the king)
4. Malcolm X (who advocated “by any means necessary”)
5. Martin Luther King (conducted public demonstrations)
6. Rosa Parks (her actions provoked a bus boycott)
7. Suffragettes (engaged in civil disobedience)
8. Robin Hood (resisted taxation, opposed the rule of King John)
9. Batman (fictional caped crusader, works outside the law to bring crime down in Gotham City)


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