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fist02 Thumbs Up

This is a simple structure for initiating a debate and can be used in form or in circle time.

You can use one statement or as many as you want or time allows. The statements below are just suggestions to get you started talking about Careless Talk. Feel free to find your own or modify statements to suit your context.

Invite the children to respond to one of the following statements by putting their thumbs up if they agree or down if they disagree. If they are unsure they can hold their thumbs at a mid point, parallel to the ground. Ask individuals to talk about why they agree or disagree.Thumbs up


If everybody was the same things would be much easier

The only way to change things is to fight

You should stick to the law even if you don’t agree with it

Being different is a good thing

It’s only worth listening to others if you like what they are saying

Changing your mind is a sign of being weak

There should only be one way of doing things

If everyone did as they were told the world would be a better place

You should not have to respect people if they don’t respect you

People should be allowed to say and do what they want

  • A development could be to ask table groups to decide whether they as a group agree or disagree.

fist02 Continuum

This is a more physical version of the above and might be more suited to a hall space. Mark out or imagine a line on the floor. At each end place a gym mat or similar. Identify one end with piece of paper that reads “Strongly Agree” and the other “Strongly Disagree”.

Read one of the statements, the children move towards the end of the line that is most true for them. They can place themselves anywhere on the line relative to the strength of their feelings. After a short conversation with the people nearest them see if they can persuade other members of the class to join them.

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