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Unity and division

After the bombing in London on July 7th 2005 the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said “More unites us than divides us”. Discuss whether you think this is true or false? Why?

fist02 Exercise –

Split the class into small groups.

In relation to the people of Brodingham, ask the students to decide, out of the statements below, which are true or false? Write the statements in the appropriate places of the circles in the diagram (Click the image for a larger version to download).

Unity & Div image

Click the image for a larger version to download

  1. They refuse to fit in
  2. They don’t understand us
  3. They hate us
  4. We are held back
  5. They should listen to us
  6. We are not understood
  7. Our way of life is threatened
  8. We cannot live the way we choose
  9. Why should we do what they want?
  10. They expect us to change our ways
  11. We are responsible for one another
  12. Everyone should do the best that they can
  13. We have no choice
  14. They must abide by our rules
  15. We must respect one another
  16. We must stand against them before it is too late
  17. We are not free to walk our own streets

Are there any statements which are not clearly true or false?

fist02 Further discussion –

Read the statements again. In our story who do you think is most likely to say them (members of The Circle, members of The ARC, members of the anti-circle group)?

Why do you think people would say and think these things? What effect do these statements have? Do they divide or unite? What can be done to change the way people feel?

Can you find any real world statements that tend to divide or unite?


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