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Learning together to be safe. Department of Children, School and Families

  • A toolkit to help schools contribute to the prevention of violent extremism. This can be ordered or downloaded here or it can be obtained by phoning 0845 60 222 60, quoting ref: 00804 – 2008BKT-EN

The Noughts and Crosses Trilogy. Mallory Blackman Corgi Children’s 2006 ISBN-10: 0552555703

  • A series of novels suitable for teenagers that looks at a star-crossed lover’s storyline across a racially divided community. In this world however it is black people who have the wealth and power provoking an interesting examination of racism.

Caught in the Cross Fire. Alan Gibbons, Orion Books. 2003 Isbn: 978-1-84255-96-0

  • A novel suitable for teenage readers that explores the stories of those living in a town affected by racial tensions and the emergence of a far right party.

Educating Against Extremism. Lynn Davies, Trentham Books. 2008 Isbn: 978 1 85856 426 5

  • Looks at the processes that can lead individuals to extreme beliefs or the use of violence and suggests ways in which education can help

The Island.  Armin Greder. Allen and Unwin.  2008. Isbn 10: 1741752663

  • A picture book that tells the story of a stranger washed up on an isolated island and the extreme reaction of the suspicious islanders.

The Conquerors.  David McGee. Anderton Press. 2005. Isbn 13: 978-1593540784

  • A picture story book for children that follows a General and his big army intent on taking over the world and what happens when they invade a small, welcoming and peaceful community.

The Arrival. Shaun Tan. Hodder Children’s Books.  2006. Isbn 0-7344-0694-0

  • A graphic novel that pictorially explores experiences of migration and displacement

The Adventures of Robin Hood, Howard Pyle, Sterling Children’s Classics [Unabridged] [Hardcover] 7 July 2005 ISBN-10: 1402714564

  • This is an enjoyable version of the tales, written in a ready made swashbuckling storytelling style.  It captures a flavour of medieval England. This would be very engaging read to the class if they can grasp the unfamiliar vocabulary.

The Adventures of Robin Hood [Paperback] Marcia Williams, Walker Books Ltd (1 Oct 2007) ISBN-10: 1406311375

  • A comic strip version of the story for children to read independently – may not be appropriate for older children.

William Tell and the Apple for Freedom (The Greatest Adventures in the World) Tony Bradman (Author), Tony Ross (Illustrator) Orchard (3 Mar 2005) ISBN-10: 1843624761

  • A clear telling of the story with great illustrations suitable for younger children

William Tell: One Against an Empire (Graphic Myths and Legends) [Paperback] Paul D Storrie (Author), Thomas Yeates (Illustrator) Lerner (15 Feb 2010) ISBN-10: 0761353984

  • A graphic novel version of the story.

When talking about dystopian futures confident readers might like to read:

  • The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins published by Scholastic; 1 edition (6 Sept. 2012) ISBN-10: 1407135449 ISBN-13: 978-1407135441
  • The Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth published by HarperCollins Children’s Books (5 Jun. 2014) ISBN-10: 0007538030 ISBN-13: 978-0007538034

Both collections feature strong female lead characters that may be seen as freedom fighters. Or you could try –

The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner published by Chicken House; 1 edition (4 Aug. 2011) ISBN-10: 1908435135 ISBN-13: 978-1908435132

  • These teen fiction novels are also films and extracts from the films may be an easier way in for less confident readers.

A Child’s Garden:  a Story of Hope Michael Forman (Author), Walker (4th May 2009), ISBN-10: 1406312072

  • A year 6 teacher recommended this book to us. She was using it in conjunction with the programme as part of a terms work on conflict.

If you have any other suggestions for this list please contribute or comment below.


fist02 Websites


  • Support and resources for teaching controversial issues including violent extremism


  • A fantastic website by Upstanding Neighbourhoods containing real life stories from people telling their personal stories of how ISIS has affected their lives. They work with young people, activists, bloggers and filmmakers to raise awareness of ISIS propaganda.


  • The official website for the drama subject association.  Available under its ‘Publications’ section are free downloadable drama resources for teachers to use with students to explore Community Cohesion and Preventing Violent Extremism


  • A campaign that uses footballers to educate about racism.  The site also includes resources to explore related issues such as Islamaphobia.

Stories of William Tell


  • Basic account of William Tell – a useful reminder of the story


  • Explores meanings of the legend and what William Tell symbolises. Also includes notes on other similar myths

Stories of Robin Hood


  • An essay which considers the “real Robin” and historical evidence


  • Detailed exploration of Robin Hood ballads, early historical references and theories behind the origins of the mythical figure


  • An informal look at the myth behind Robin Hood, the possible real-life inspirations for the legend and associated historical information

Stories of the Gunpowder Plot


  • An extensive very detailed account of the background to the plot looking at multiple points of view and exploring many of the complexities useful for advanced students or source material for teachers


  • A good broad introductory essay on the background, events and consequences of the plot


  • Explores key locations, historical background and detailed character profiles of the plotters. Includes further reading, research and links to related articles.


  • A multiple choice game useful for revising specific information about the gunpowder plot with an animated journey around the cellars under the House of Lords


  • A clear succinct account of the key events of the plot


  • A simple version of events that sometimes makes bold statements of fact that are contradicted elsewhere. For instance the site claims that Tresham sent the anonymous letter to Monteagle and though he is a likely candidate it was not confirmed in any of the confessions when it may have been of advantage to.


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