“Excellent cross curricular links, it addresses so many aspects of foundation stage curriculum” – Reception Teacher

“Helped the children develop their cognitive skills, language skills and interaction with other people, taking turns and sharing” – Nursery Teacher

Climb Aboard is a highly participatory programme which explores change and transition from a young child’s perspective. The programme involves nursery and reception children in intergenerational and intercultural learning, through an exciting mix of creative play and storytelling.

Jim doesn’t want to move house, and to make things worse, him and his grandma Fernanda have accidentally got locked in the attic on moving day. In order to pass the time while they wait to be rescued they have to find things to do. Fernanda and Jim find the Jamaica Case, full of precious things from Fernanda’s life as a girl in Jamaica. Jim and the children explore the objects as they are removed from the case and are taken on a journey back to her childhood. Through their exploration of the Dutch pot, the rag doll, great granddad’s shoes, great granny’s Sunday hat and an old Ska record they find out all about her family and life in a very different world.

Climb Aboard makes strong links with the EYFD curriculum in the following ways: Children will have the opportunity to –

  • develop their communication and language skills
  • learn how to identify and manage feelings
  • engage in imaginative role play


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