“It was very informative and child friendly and suitable for the age range. A fantastic programme with lovely acting, speaking and great facial expressions.”  – Year 2 teacher, Nelson Mandela Primary School, Birmingham.

Fit For a KingThis participatory performance transports children to the Royal Court of Prince Yannis, one of the unhealthiest, laziest and most unhygienic princes ever. Recruited as new cooks to help with his upcoming coronation by Yannis’ long-suffering personal chef, Cookie, the children help to transform his lifestyle before Prince Yannis becomes king.

Fit for a King, explores some of the choices that Key Stage 1 children can make concerning nutrition, exercise and hygiene. The drama provides them with information and the chance to practise their knowledge. The children are put in charge of King Yannis’ lifestyle and are asked to show him how particular choices might affect his future.

By encouraging children to develop patterns of healthy eating and exercise early on the foundations are laid for healthier lifestyles in adulthood.


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