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Curriculum links

Children taking part in the Fit For A King drama will be given the opportunity to practice skills and learn information that is closely linked to the National Curriculum in Science, SMSC, Design and Technology and English.

249794452Design and Technology in Key Stage 1

  • The children will find out what constitutes a healthy diet and a balanced meal
  • They will be in charge of preparing a menu for a healthy celebratory meal

249794452English in Key Stage 1

  • The children will get the opportunity to learn new vocabulary related to healthy lifestyles throughout the drama
  • They will be encouraged to ask and answer questions and to justify their opinions in their role as the Royal Cooks

249794452Science in Key Stage 1

  • The children will learn the importance of and the relationship between exercise, diet and hygiene to their own health by helping the character of Prince Yannis with his needs
  • They will have the opportunity to carry out observations and experiments as part of the drama to further their scientific understanding


  • The children will be given the opportunity to explore feelings, the consequences of actions and resolve conflict from within the story


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