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Programme outline

Fit For A King is about 90 minutes long and can have a break after approximately 1 hour.

Fit For A King begins in the classroom where the class will meet Cookie, the royal cook to Prince Yannis. She recruits the children to become the new cooks to help her prepare the banquet for the coronation where Prince Yannis will be crowned King.

Cookie also explains how she needs their help to try and transform the prince’s lifestyle before he becomes king, as he doesn’t eat healthily, do any exercise or take care of his personal hygiene. As yet he is not fit to be King.

The children go to the hall where they enter the Royal Palace and meet the Prince, experiencing his unhealthy life style first hand. With the guidance of Cookie the children firstly plan a menu for a healthy Royal Banquet with their own ideas and explain their choices to Prince Yannis. They then help the Prince to train and exercise as he prepares for the Royal Dragon Chasing Competition before seeing the results of their efforts as they watch the dragon chasing event live. Finally the children advise Prince Yannis on his personal hygiene as he returns to the Palace to prepare for his coronation.

The children are rewarded for all their help with an invitation to the Royal Banquet and are tasked by the newly crowned King Yannis with going forth into the land and helping others to lead more healthy lives.

This could be an opportunity for you to continue the themes of the performance back in your classroom and a range of follow up activities are listed on this site.


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