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Organisations and websites:


The BBC website for children has a range of games and stories exploring healthy lifestyles.

249794452The eat well plate

This site explains the government’s award winning eat well plate and how to use it to explore what it means to have a balanced diet.

249794452The Childrens Food Trust

This charity is on a mission to get every child eating well. That means spreading the skills, knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch, helping anyone who provides food for children to do a great job and encouraging industry to help families make better food choices. Their website contains further information for teachers and parents including ideas that can be used in the classroom and clear helpful information about healthy eating

249794452Fresh for Kids

This child friendly website has lots of games, funny jokes, recipes and activities to help children eat healthy fresh fruit and vegetables and show them how sport can be fun.


NHS led campaign and website containing a host of useful, clear information about diet, exercise and healthy lifestyles. It has good links to other organisations and lots of good ideas for making healthy eating and exercise fun for families.

249794452Food a Fact of Life

This site has lots of interactive games for children to play all about diet and healthy eating,
lots are suitable for children in Key Stage 1 to play.

249794452My School Lunch

My School Lunch raises awareness of school lunches whilst educating children, their parents and teachers about healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Fiction books for children exploring healthy lifestyles

Eat Your Peas by Kes Gray

Peas by Andrew Cullen

Charlie and Lola: I Will Not Ever Eat A Tomato by Lauren Child

Derek the Dragon’s Food Tasting Adventure by Penelope Barrass

The Science Chef Travels Around the World: Fun Food Experiments and Recipes for Kids by Joan D’Amico

Fairytales Gone Wrong: Eat Your Greens, Goldilocks: A Story About Eating Healthily by Steve Stallman

Fairytales Gone Wrong: Keep Running Gingerbread Man: A Story About Keeping Active by Steve Stallman

Fairy Tales Gone Wrong: Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf: A Story About Spreading Germs by Steve Smallman

Non fiction books for children exploring healthy lifestyles

Down the Hatch by Mike Tambourine

Why Wash? by Claire Llewellyn

Safe and Sound: A Healthy Body by Angela Royston

Safe and Sound: Eat Well by Angela Royston


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