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Healthy Lifestyle Activities


Blindfold Taste Challenge
Choose some foods that will explore different taste sensations and may encourage the children to try new foods.  Put some of these foods on a plate and cover with a cloth.

Blindfold a volunteer from the class, and get them to taste the different foods. This is a good way to explore the concepts of sweet, salty and sour.  It also encourages the children to extend their vocabulary by finding words to describe different tastes.


Ask your class to name as many superheroes as they can and their special powers.  Now get them to choose their favourite fruit or vegetable.  Ask them to invent a brand new superhero with a special power which is gained from eating that fruit or vegetable.

For example:
Carrot-Man!  He can see in the dark!
Broccoli-Boy!  He can lift anything!
Apple-Girl!  Her smile is dazzling!

249794452Drama and role play ideas

Imaginative Play Areas:

There is lots of opportunity to explore healthy diets and lifestyles through role play.

Some play-area ideas:

A Café
A grocery shop
A picnic in the countryside
King Yannis’ banquet.

Objects can be collected or made by the children before it is used to explore health education.  It can be created by the teacher using real food, or play food.

The children can use the areas for free play or the teacher can introduce a story set in the area.  The teacher could also take on a role in the area as a customer, or cook, or special guest.  New objects can be placed in the area to explore a particular learning objective.

Key discussion points:

  • What kind of healthy foods could we serve or sell?
  • How will we encourage people to eat-in/buy from our shop?
  • What kind of food would King Yannis like at his banquet?
  • What kind of foods are suitable for a picnic?



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