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Making a class food diary

What did we eat today? –
Making a class food diary (Design and Technology)

Ask your class to try and remember what they had to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on one particular day. Write or draw their answers under the 3 meal headings on your Interactive White Board (IWB) or on large sheets of paper.

Once you have compiled the 3 mini lists of pictures of meals, see if they can sort their class list of food into the 4 food groups.

You might want to use the link to the Eatwell plate to help you with visuals. See below for how to use the visuals on your IWB.

This site explains the government’s award winning Eatwell plate and how to use it to explore what it means to have a balanced diet. It has some great images for you to use on your IWB.

Eatwell plate

Then using paper plates, tissue paper, felt tip pens and a selection of recycled and craft materials ask them to make some 3D plates of their favourite meals that also represent a balanced plate of food.

In Fit for A King this is how Cookie explains a balanced diet and the different foods we need to eat to Prince Yannis:

  • Foods that give us energy – bread, rice, pasta
  • Foods that help us grow strong – fish cheese lentils chicken chickpeas
  • Foods that have lots of vitamins and minerals – vegetables and fruits
  • Treats – those foods that contain lots of salt, sugar and fat like sweets crisps biscuits and fizzy pop


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