Physical Games

The Bean Game

Aim:  To increase the children’s heart rate and to have fun.
This activity can be used as a warm up game for either drama sessions or coincide with P.E

Time allocation:  15 mins

This game can be played in the hall or playground. The teacher shouts out the instructions below in a random order and the children have to do the action for each instruction:

runner bean – run on the spot
string bean – hold hands and in a long string snake around the room
jumping bean– jump up and down
jelly bean – wobble like a jelly
broad bean – make yourself as wide as possible.
chilli bean – shiver
baked bean – sun bathe

Fruit Bowl

Aim:  To increase heart rate and for fun.
Time allocation: 15 mins

Start with all the children sat on chairs in a circle and name all the children either an apple, orange or lemon.

One person stands in the middle of the circle, their chair is removed and they shout either Apple, Orange or Lemon. When one of the fruits is called all the people in that category get up and move to a vacant chair. You can’t move to a chair next to you, and once your bottom has left the chair you must move.

Or the person in the middle can shout “Fruit Bowl” then everyone gets up and moves.

The Dragon’s Cave

Aim: To increase children’s spatial awareness and co-ordination and control
Time allocation: 10 minutes.

1. A child plays the part of the sleeping dragon at one end of the space facing the wall.  When the dragon begins snoring the game has begun.
2. The rest of the class must sneak silently towards the dragon to steal the golden scarf that is tucked into the waist band of the child playing the dragon.
3.  The dragon may turn around and snarl at any time, and if they spot anyone moving they send them back to the beginning.

Do, do, do, as I do!

This game is similar to follow my leader. Everybody walks round in a circle, chanting “Do, do, do as I do, don’t worry!” over and over again together. Whoever is chosen to go into the middle must invent a move for everybody to copy as they move around the circle. After a while they choose someone to take over by tapping them on a the shoulder. Then it is that person’s chance to invent a new move.

During the game everybody must keep moving!

The Prince’s Olympics

The Prince was invited to the Dragon chasing competition.  What other events could be part of the Prince’s Olympics?  For example:

Climbing Rapunzel’s Hair.
Golden Egg and spoon racing.
Catapult Challenge.

After discussion the children’s ideas could be tried out in P.E.


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