Hansel and Gretel is a literacy programme devised for pupils in years 3 and 4 to inspire them to become confident storytellers and story makers.

Tattershawl the travelling storyteller tells stories anywhere, with anything and with anyone that she can find.

She invites the children to step into her magical world where everyday objects are transformed, houses can be eaten and all is not what it seems.

By taking on roles within the story, children become the experts, deciding which path Hansel and Gretel should follow next.

Together, Tattershawl and the children explore the art of storytelling, creating their own unique and action packed version of Hansel and Gretel.


Curriculum links

Participating in the Hansel and Gretel programme will provide the children with a dramatic context for their writing as well as developing their spoken language skills.

  • The children will work in role
  • They will use discussion and conversation to explore and speculate about new ideas
  • They will participate in a performance
  • They will draw inferences about events in a story, such as how a character might be feeling
  • They will make predictions about what might happen next in a story
  • The will plan out sentences orally to select adventurous vocabulary

By taking part in Hansel and Gretel we also hope it will develop their skill and confidence to use description and detail to develop characters and settings in story-writing and to write interesting narratives in stories.


Teacher Quotes

“The children have been inspired and are excited to write their own stories and I think we will get better ideas than if we had done it in a lesson ourselves.” – Year 4 teacher, Nelson Mandela School

“The programme got them to create brilliant ideas for events, characters and settings.  It helped them to describe in super detail.” – Year 3 teacher, Four Oaks Primary School

“A superb stimulus for creative writing and great ideas for developing detail using the senses and creating mood.” – Year 4 teacher, Anderton Park Primary School

“It made me consider my own teaching.  I should follow this line of teaching for future topic ideas.  It was child centred learning so the children’ ideas lead the storytelling.” – Year 4 teacher, Anderton Park Primary School



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