BeFunky_IMG_0558.jpgLittle Red Hen is a new numeracy programme created specially for Nursery and Reception children.  It is based around the old Russian folk tale version of the Little Red Hen story.

The programme offers the children the opportunity to practise and develop a number of key numeracy skills alongside taking an active part in an exciting and engaging story.

The children go on a journey with the Little Red Hen and through watching, playing and joining in, they learn of Little Red Hen’s attempts to enlist help from the other farmyard animals to plant some grains of corn she has found to make into bread.

When no one on the farm steps up to help her, the children are asked to become involved.  Together they learn about growing corn and making bread as the animals carry on playing. Once Little Red Hen and the children have worked hard and reaped the rewards of lovely fresh bread, they must decide the animals can share in the spoils…or not!

Through helping Little Red Hen, the children explore a variety of numeracy related concepts, skills and activities including: sorting and matching, counting, recognising shapes and problem-solving.  They also interact with a variety of characters, make decisions and consider notions of growth, sharing and friendship.

Little Red Hen is performed by one teacher/actor and uses simple and engaging puppetry techniques that have been inspired by traditional toys with moving mechanisms as a way of animating the many different characters within the story and providing a non-threatening medium for the children’s participation.  The toys and puppets have been designed to be used by the children in the story.

We have worked closely with Clive Chandler as our specialist consultant.  Clive is a well established puppet practitioner of over twenty years experience who has organised, performed in and directed many puppets events including the Dynamics International Puppet festivals in 2005 and 2006.  He was a founder member of Big Brum theatre-in-education company, and a great deal of his work has taken place in school and educational settings.


Our maker and designer for the animal puppets and their homes is John Crane and he has constructed the world of the farm in a way that we hope you and your children will find very hands on and exciting.

This project was originally funded by Birmingham City Council through the Creative Future Awards.



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