Imagine a story without a “Once upon a time”, or a “Happily ever after”, just a character with a bag full of ‘what happens in between’… and these come tumbling out of the bag in no particular order, desperate to be heard.  Each fragment of story is played out against a backdrop of different languages – Arabic djinns cast spells from within their lamps, Pakistani Kings throw down the gauntlet of a quest, English children get lost in the woods, African tricksters beguile their way to prosperity and Princesses silenced by a charm, mime their predicament.

Mosaic draws on different cultural traditions of stories and storytelling, as well as multilingual forms of theatre, to involve children in a world of Kings and Queens, magic and ritual, adversity and rewards, quests and journeys.  A mix of the Brother’s Grimm, The Ramayana, Sinbad, Anansi and the children’s own imaginations, this new and exciting programme will feature familiar archetypal characters and universally recognisable story elements from tales from around the globe, all brought together to create a different kind of story… one where it is the children that fill the gaps.

Mosaic will support children in:

  • Interpreting and constructing meaning
  • Creating original narratives
  • Communicating multi-lingually
  • Engaging with different modes of storytelling
  • Valuing cultural and linguistic diversity

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