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Audio & Video

Useful video/audio clips of stories to use in class

Arabic stories

  • An animated version of Cinderella in Arabic

  • This clip contains an Arabic fairy tale vocabulary audio to use alongside English

Hindi stories animated clips

  • This is a Hindi story called The Loyal Goose

  • This is a Hindi story called There is Strength in Numbers

  • This is a segment from The Magic Tent, an educational television program for children. Naseeruddin Shah narrates the story in Hindi: ‘The Little Girl Who Wanted The Moon’

Mirpuri stories audio clips

  • This is a Mirpuri telling of Cinderella

  • This is a Mirpuri telling of Goldilocks

  • This is a Mirpuri telling of The Three Little Pigs

  • This is a Mirpuri telling of The Boy who Cried Wolf

  • This is a Mirpuri telling of Hansel and Gretel


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Useful story websites
A website that allows you to choose stories by theme and access them as an audio in English or Spanish.
A website containing lots of animal stories suitable for Key Stage 1 arranged into themes.
A website for Shropshire’s very own story museum in Wem. The site has stories, resources and ideas for teachers as well as information about visiting.
This website celebrates the art of children’s books, their place in childhood and in our culture. The Seven Stories site in London showcases a national collection of manuscripts and illustrations of some of the UK’s finest authors and illustrators for children.  They select original artwork and manuscripts from first scribbles to finished work to make exhibitions, events and learning programmes.


Websites about teaching and learning with EAL and Bilingualism

This is the website of the National Association for language development in the curriculum.  The National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (NALDIC) is the UK subject association for English as an Additional Language (EAL).

NALDIC was inaugurated in 1993 and since its formation has been the voice of the EAL professional. It provides a professional forum for:

  • Teaching and learning of English as an Additional Language
  • Supporting bilingualism
  • Raising the achievement of ethnic minority learners
  • The development and understanding of this field of education

Most of the site contains downloadable teaching activities to promote talk, which you can adapt to your needs, and/or use as templates for producing your own teaching activities. Collaborative Learning provides interesting ways for children to learn in classes, where many different languages are spoken, and where children are learning English while accessing the whole curriculum.


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Collections of stories from a range of cultural and languages backgrounds

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights retold by Geraldine McCaughrean
Oxford, ISBN 9780192750139

Tales from Africa retold by Kathleen Arnott
Oxford,  ISBN 0192750798

Folktales from India edited by A.K Ramanujan
Pantheon Books, ISBN 0679748326

Pakistani Folktales by Ashraf Siddiqui
Hippocrene Books New York, ISBN 0781807034

Favorite Folktales from Around the World by Jane Yolen
Pantheon Books, ISBN 978-0394751887

The Complete Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm
Vintage Books, ISBN 9780009951441

Drama and language learning books

Second Language Learning through Drama – Practical Techniques and Applications
Edited by Joe Winston, ISBN 978-0-415-597791

Drama is increasingly being recognised as a valuable pedagogy for language learning as it can harness children‘s imaginations and stimulate their desire to communicate. Second Learning Language through Drama draws on current theories of additional and foreign language learning and illustrates through practical case studies how drama can be used to support the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Multilingualism by Adrian Blackledge and Angela Creece
Continuumbooks, ISBN 9780826492098

Adrian Blackledge and Angela Creese examine issues such as nationalism, heritage, culture, identity negotiation, ideology and power. They offer responses from their detailed investigations of the language practices of multilingual young people and their teaching experiences in complementary schools in four cities in England.

Teaching Bilingual Children edited by Adrian Blackledge
Trentham Books, ISBN 858560144

The most effective learning medium for children is their first language. In this book, contributors from Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the United States describe how primary-age children in these anglophone countries are learning in the language of their home.


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