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Devised and performed by Simon Turner and Cynthia Lebbos

Language audio recorded and edited by Gavin Medza

Original development team:

Directed by: Deborah Hull
devised by: Juliet Fry and Vikash Patel

Designed by: Angela Connors
Consultant artist: Michael Crouch

Resources created by: Juliet Fry, Vikash Patel, Deborah Hull

Thanks to:
Percy Shurmer Primary School year 2 classes, their teachers and teaching assistants, Adrian Blackledge and Maggie Kubanyiova – University of Birmingham and Sian Ball.

Also a big thank you to the following people for recording audio for use in the programme:

Athina Jani. Milorad Žakula, Sarah-Jane Watkinson, Bhavik Parmar, Nadi Kemp-Sayfi and Zbigniew Medza.


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