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Many children in Birmingham schools speak English as an Additional Language and yet English is the sole medium of communication in many classrooms across the city. Research shows that this sends out some very strong negative messages about the place of children’s home languages (and by association their cultural identity) within mainstream education.

Mosaic celebrates and ‘normalises’ the linguistic diversity of many of its audiences by interweaving different languages – some familiar, some new – into the very fabric of its narrative. The programme draws on different cultural stories, as well as multilingual forms of theatre, to involve children in a world of Heroes and Heroines, Princes and Princesses, magic and ritual, adversity and rewards, quests and journeys. This new and exciting programme features familiar archetypal characters and universally recognisable story elements from tales from around the globe, all brought together to create a different kind of story… one where the children fill the gaps.

Language support

As Mosaic uses many languages in performance and offers opportunities for children to use languages other than English in their participation (in instances where they speak them) it would be a great help if staff who are speakers of more than one language could model and support children in using their full linguistic resources. This programme is also suitable for classes where English is the dominant or sole language.


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