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Extended language tasks from Mosaic


Fight school

Whilst on board the ship the Prince taught his sailors some fighting moves which were later used to kill the monster. See how many of these moves the class can remember and create a few new ones. The Prince used counting in Polish to teach his crew their fight moves and to co-ordinate their movements later in the fight. Find out if children in the class can count in other languages. Get them to teach the other children the numbers and use them in the same way as the Prince to co-ordinate the fight moves. This can be extended into a game where the child teaching the numbers calls out randomly and the rest of the class have to respond with the appropriate move.

Hubble bubble…

In Mosaic, the witch makes a spell to enchant the Prince so she can lock him in a cage. She consults a spell book which contains lots of different ingredients.

Ask the children individually or in small shared language groups what they would like to make a spell for. Then ask them to draw some of the ingredients to go into that spell and using those ingredients ask them to make up a spell in the language of their choosing. Staple all of the pages together to create one big spell book and imagine a big spell pot in the middle of the classroom (or use a real one). Ask the children/groups to come up in turn and speak out their spells. They can add sound effects and could mime the magic actually working. With a less confident class this could also be played out individual tables instead of in front of the whole class.

Other opportunities for making up magic words or using other languages might be:

  • To open the monsters cave full of gold
  • To reveal the giants hiding place for his magic box
  • To activate the magic box
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