No Kidding

Touring – Autumn 2017
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Key themes: English, SMSC, Anti-Bullying

No Kidding is designed to improve the quality of children’s relationships with each other, exploring friendship, co-operation and bullying through the eyes of two larger-than life characters, Bally and Billy. In the best traditions of clowning, they struggle to maintain their friendship at work and play. Amidst slapstick and fun there is a serious lesson to be learnt. When Billy downs tools, the children take the lead in resolving the conflict by writing a card to say sorry.

“Absolutely excellent. Supports our behaviour and anti-bullying policies. The children were engaged and focussed throughout and contributed excellent ideas.” Year 1 teacher, Kings Norton Primary

The Play House has always had a commitment to exploring personal social and health education themes and has devised a number of programmes dedicated to tackling bullying. No Kidding has been devised for 5-7 year olds to explore some basic themes of bullying, widening the topic to include co- operative behavior. The development of the programme was originally financially assisted by the NSPCC.

IMG_0498The company recognises that discrete and organised bullying or victimisation may be a less common occurrence in an infant class rather than a junior one, nonetheless, the roots of bullying behavior are often established at this age. Infant teachers have expressed concern to us about pupils displaying unduly aggressive and anti-social behavior. We also recognise that through rough play children are learning how to manage their relationships and that much humour has its roots in attempts to achieve or maintain status (Laurel and Hardy, Hyacinth Bouquet etc).

There is an undeniable need for developmental work in a number of areas relating to behavior in the class room, playground and beyond: raising self esteem, encouraging tolerance, sharing and assertiveness and discouraging inappropriate over-physical behavior.



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