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Co-operative Games 2

Here are some more co-operative games for your to try (you can find the first page of games here).  All of these games can be played with small groups.

Group storytelling

Everyone sits in a circle. Decide on the story you are going to tell, for example: The Three Little Pigs. Each person in the circle is to tell a bit of the story. The first person starts the story off and then in turn each person around the circle adds another bit to the story until the whole story has been told. The trick is to share the story out and tell it in as much detail as possible. You could also use a signifier to pass the story round, this could be any object.

Passing the Balloon

The balloon can be substituted for an orange, or a ball or any other round object. The children line up in two lines and the object of the game is for the person at the front to pass the object to the person behind without dropping it. The object must then move all the way along the line to the last person. When the last person has successfully got the object then the whole team sits down on the floor to signal that they have finished.

Let’s Build a Machine

The children try to make a moving machine with their bodies. The leader says get into groups of…. (4, 5, 6…) and then the children have to work together to make a machine with each child being a component. The machines can either be imaginary or real, such as a washing machine, an orange squeezer or a pinball machine. When each group shows their machine then the others can try and guess what it is. Sounds can be added too.

Sound Machine

Standing in a circle, the leader explains to the children that they are going to create a sound machine. The game begins with the leader making a made up sound and repeating that sound over and over again. Then the person next to the leader in the circle makes a different sound and repeats it, and then the next person and so on until everyone in the circle is making a different sound and the sound machine is complete.

The leader can then control the volume of the sound machine by lowering and raising their hands. You could explore different themes or emotions that the machine could make.

This activity would also worked well with a whole class. You can find our other activities suitable for the whole class here.

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