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Role on the wall

Ask the children to work co-operatively

Make a life size outline of Bally and Billy by drawing around children on two very large pieces of paper (newsprint end roll or sugar paper taped together). This could be coloured in or made into a collage.

What are the expressions on their faces?

  1. What words could you use to describe the characters at the start of the story?
    Write these words on cards/post it notes. (Some suggestions could be frightened, angry, helpful, moody, sad, upset, bullied, selfish, noisy, strong, confused, doesn’t share, friendly, quiet, bossy) or you could use the words below.
  2. What words go with which character?
  3. Stick the words on the character it best fits

Depending on the language and/or co-operative skills of the class, the teacher could either read out the card and let the children decide on whose body the words are going to be stuck, or let the children work in small groups and let them decide for themselves.

Would you change any words or remove any or choose new words to describe the characters at the end of the programme?

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