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Circle of Friends

To complete the following activity you will need to download this worksheet.

  1. Write your name, draw yourself or take a digital photo and print it out, stick it in the middle circle.
  2. In the next circle out, put two of your friends.
  3. In the third circle out, put two new friends of each of your friends in the previous circle.
  4. In the next circle put two friends for each of the friends in the third circle. (The number of friends doubles with each ring)

  • How many circles would you need to have to include the whole class?
  • Who are your friends?
  • What do you like about being with them?
  • How do we choose friends?
  • How do we make friends?
  • How do we decide to be friends with someone?
  • Does it matter who else they are friends with?
  • Does it matter what they look like?
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